Vancouver Island 4K Timelapse

Vancouver Island 4K – Timelapse from Gavin Hardcastle on Vimeo.

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Most of this trailer was shot in and around Nanaimo, but there are some sequences that were shot in Victoria and Sooke. I'd love to get up into the Alpine regions of Strathcona Park, Comox Glacier, Mt Cain and Mt Arrowsmith to shoot the beautiful lakes, waterfalls and stars on those crisp clear nights.

Maybe I'll put together a Kickstarter campaign to see if I can raise funds to complete this project. We'll see.

Here's my equipment list.

– Camera – Sony A7R
– Motion Control – Emotimo TB3 Read my review here
– Slider – Rhino Pro 4ft
– Two bruised and battered tripods
– One piece of crap PC with Adobe After Effects, ACR and SNS HDR Pro for the bracketed sequences.

Soundtrack – I composed and produced the music specifically for the trailer. Go to to learn more about my ideas for that.
In a nutshell, I've been producing music for over 20 years and I've amassed a huge library of epic background music tracks that are perfect for timelapse movies.

Let me know your thoughts on how you'd like the song info displayed in terms of bpm, interval matching etc. I'd also love to know what my fellow time lapse shooter feel is a fair price to pay for high quality, fully licensed music tracks for time lapse films.

Thanks for taking the time to watch my little film. If you have a spare million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and want to be involved in creating a stunning film, get in touch.

Also, please share this film. I'd be overjoyed if it went viral.

Oh, one last thing. Each frame of this film was shot at 36 megapixels so I can deliver 4K footage and above if required.

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Finally, thanks to my wife Pops for helping me carry the gear and waiting patiently while I struggled with the learning curve.

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