Last Crusade Photo Series by Vassilis Tangoulis.

A Long exposure project of a medieval castle in Methoni, Messenia (Peloponnese, Greece). Nowadays the walls of the fortress, even though in ruins, continue to be impressive. The castle of Methoni occupies the whole area of the cape and the southwestern coast to the small islet that has also been fortified with an octagonal tower and is protected by the sea on its three sides. Its north part, the one that looks to land, is covered by a heavily fortified acropolis.

My intention was to give a different “feeling” of this amazing and most photographed place in Peloponnese. The long exposure technique helped me to capture some un-earthly views of this scenery and my post processing workflow emphasized the architectural details of the castle in a “dark” environment. The photographs were taken at noon a quite hot summer day of August where many tourists were onsite, quite difficult conditions for a photographer. Long exposure helped me to create photos where the castle seems to be isolated and, from another point of view, while I used the light selectively in certain areas of the photos.

My first one of this collection was shortlisted in the top 10 images in the Architecture Category in the Open Competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2014 (SWPA 2014)

© Vassilis Tangoulis|Fine Art Photography |

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