The best video creators course on the internet. The complete video creators bundle is here. Every year 5daydeal puts up a photography bundle and a video creators bundle.

Created by the best in the industry this video bundle has something for everyone. From lighting to shooting, to editing and having a finished video, this is a must in any videographers toolkit.

Here is a list of what you are getting:

  • The Filmmakers Process
  • Motion Picture Film Luts
  • Drone Pro Academy Premiere Pro Drone Editing Templates
  • Stabilization Strategies
  • Mark Wonderlin
  • Introduction to Video Editing with Adobe Premiere
  • Premiere Pro – Advanced Editing Course
  • Uri Soglowek
  • Cinematography Marketing Suite
  • The Podcasting Professional
  • Frederick Van Johnson
  • Animating Still Photos: Quickstart by Erick Geisler
  • Rocket Rooster Cine Bundle
  • Rocket Rooster
  • Creative Camera Framing Workshop

The charity bonus bundle:

  • 4K Stock Footage Pac
  • Lighting Secrets Workshop
  • Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 for Beginners
  • Set Up Your Own Grading Suite

The total price for all you are getting is over $1100. You can get all this for under $100 and also contribute incredible charities.

Video Creators Bundle

“Wow, this is awesome! I am a filmmaker, video editor, stills photographer, retoucher, and an audio engineer based in Sweden. To find great deals for gear and training all in one place is a blessing, and a huge money- and time-saver. Simply awesome that I can save money, and also stay up to date with the latest in one platform. I’ve followed Shane Hurlbut for many years and I’m glad to see that you’ve teamed up with him as well. So glad I found 5DayDeal! Thank you!” – Stefan Lundaahl | Sweden

“I’ve owned every 5DayDeal since 2015 and can’t be a happier customer. Not only do I get to help a really good charity, but I get access to some of the best training and tools available. As a working photographer, I find the information provided invaluable and worth every penny and more! Thank you, 5DayDeal team,, for what you do!” – Steven Hendricks | Japan

“I participate in the 5DayDeal every year. It’s really incredible to see so many of the giants in our community come together to help all photographers advance their craft. I look forward to this every year and am really excited for this years announcement and lineup. In my first year participating I told all of my second shooters and photographer friends all about it so they can take advantage too.” – Lawrence Ream | United States

Here is the link to get this incredible deal.


video creators bundle

The Complete Video Creators Bundle