We are many by Doreen Hoerold

We are many by Doreen Hoerold

We are many is a series of in-camera multiple exposures, inspired by the constant tension between man and nature, and their mutual dependency. By pure coincidence, I recently spent a lot of time learning how visual effects artists go about bringing creatures, monsters and fantasy characters to life on screen.

The amount of detail these artists bring to these creations is phenomenal, and they seek inspiration from the overwhelming detail already found in nature. Characters we see on screen thus are made of flowers, leaves, bark, roots or dirt, and again we are reminded how intertwined we all are with our natural environment. In these images, I wanted to draw on the similarities between branches and veins, foliage and our summer dresses, and of course, experiment with summer tones and the endless aesthetic possibilities of multiple exposures.

We are many-7

We are many-6

We are many-2

We are many-1

We are many-3

We are many-5

We are many-4

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  • Aseem Mishra says:

    The First Image is really very catchy!!! Needless to say it loud, the photo series is beautifully done. Are these shot on film (which one???) or digital?

  • Barbara Levy Bamberger says:

    Enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos as a series. Beautiful!

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