We are dead. The oppression of man’s freedom and the fight to win it back has been a constant theme in human history and, consequently in literature, theater, cinema. The story changes each time: different times, different places, various means. At the core of the story lies the struggle against any oppression that stems from our innate need for freedom.

With George Orwell’s 1984 in mind, I created nine images that resemble a nightmare. The protagonists are not part of Orwell’s universe; instead, they act inside a non-place and non-time. These nightmarish snapshots use symbolic and surrealistic elements to describe the struggle against the oppression of personal freedom, with an uncertain outcome.

It is up to the viewer to seek a connection with themselves, the present, and reality. Nicki tells ShutYourAperture.

Camera gear:

For post-processing Lightroom+Photoshop

Photography/Set design/Video: Nicki Panou www.nickiupstairs.com
Photographer’s assistant: Kiriaki Papadopoulou
Costumes: Nicki Panou, Kiriaki Papadopoulou
Models: Stathis Papoulidis, Katerina Ganda, Alexandros Stamatis, Stavros Siagalidis, Christina Papadopoulou

Photo series We are the Dead

We are dead we are dead Orwell’s universe photo series about people conceptual photography we are dead umbrella on fire we are dead amongst people we are dead amongst people conceptual photography numbers on a shalk board we are dead photo series by Nicki Panou

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