Here are 5 mistakes in wedding photography to avoid

We created a list of wedding photography mistakes you must avoid

Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience! Well, they are for most of us. One thing that none of us want at the wedding is making some silly mistakes with the wedding photography. Photography is one of the most important aspects of any wedding, whether it is a small casual affair or a high-profile one. The trust one puts in their wedding photographer is immense and they expect the photographer to perform at their best. If you are a wedding photographer, these are the mistakes you should avoid making at all costs, as it can ruin the big day of your clients and together with it, your reputation.

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Having No Clue about the Timeline
This is probably the most common and the biggest mistake many photographers make when it comes to weddings. It is a wedding, and there is a proper timeline for the events to take place. As a photographer, you should not only know the timeline of the event but also try to accommodate your clients in as many ways as possible. Asking them to make some last minute changes is not the right thing to do when your clients already have a lot going on their minds.

Pushing Your Clients a Bit Too Much
While you do need to ask your clients to do certain things to give them a rich collection of amazing photographs, it is not right to push them to exhaustion. The bride and the groom are already having a whirlwind of a day. There is a fine line that you need to stay in to give your clients a wonderful experience without having to be an evil dictator all the time. Try to accommodate, adjust and improvise and look for signs that show that the couple needs a break now.

Not Giving Attention to Details
While the center of attraction at any wedding is the bride and groom, there are other things that cannot be neglected as well. From the centerpieces to the décor and flowers, there are plenty of details that your clients expect you to cover as a photographer. These might be tiny details for others, but the couple has spent days planning what the venue and the ambiance will look like. Thus, make sure you take some good detail shots, which are also going to establish a great relationship between you and the other vendors.

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Keeping the Couple to Yourself for too Long
It is their wedding. There are many things to do other than taking photographs. As a professional photographer, you should make sure you stick to the schedule and do not keep the bridal party waiting for too long. You should never be the reason they are late for the reception. Thus, make sure you do all that is within your power to wrap things up timely.

Messing Up with Other Experts
You are an expert at what you do, that is photographing. There are many other experts at the wedding as well who know what they are doing. Try not to ridicule, correct or redirect other vendors and experts present at the wedding. It not only makes the event a turndown for the couple but will also hurt your reputation as an expert.

As a wedding photographer, there are many things you need to be careful about. The couple has trusted you with their big day and you should make sure you do it right. Be the professional self you are and do your best. Make their day memorable and they will remember you all their lives.

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Blake Newman