Wedding Photography Poses: What to do and how to do them!
Covering wedding photoshoots can be really fun, but they are also a lot of hard work…much like every other photography niche, to be honest!

There are several things that go into making a photographer’s work stand out; from knowing the right camera-work techniques, the right photography equipment, post-photoshoot work, great people skills—it is quite a list.
And in this list, one important thing is getting your clients to nail the right poses because believe it or not, the pose of your clients in a photograph gets to determine how good the photograph actually is to a great extent. Even if the composition is great, the lighting is perfect and all that, but if the pose isn’t right…

Wedding poses

So if you are looking for some neat wedding photography poses that you can get your clients to try out, we have got some ideas for you.
Weddings are dreamy, intimate events. So a good idea to keep in mind is whatever angle you may want your clients to stand in, you should pay extra attention to their facial expressions. For example, a basic wedding pose could involve having the couple’s bodies facing the camera, but their faces turned towards each other.

Wedding pohtography poses

You can just play around with this one basic wedding pose in so many ways! You can have the clients lock arms, hold hands or simply just even look at each other. Like we said earlier, much of wedding photography poses lies in facial expressions.
Another simple wedding pose to try out is the opposite of the first we one just discussed. Instead of having the bodies face the camera, have them facing each other instead. If you want a picture in your mind as to what this pose looks like, picture the couple on the dance floor, with the bride’s arms locked around the groom’s shoulders whereas the groom’s hands could go around the bride’s waist.
Again, with this simple wedding pose, you can get a variety of different pictures. While holding this pose, you can get the bride to look towards the camera whereas the groom can look at the bride!
If you are looking for an even dreamier wedding photography pose, you could have the couple “stack up” against each other. In this pose, the bride leans against the groom to make it look as if the couple is stacked up against each other. You can then have them gaze out in the distance.

Wedding poses

You could even turn to Disney princesses or rom-com movies for some wedding photography inspiration! We’ve all seen at least two scenes where the hero comes in and whisks away the princess/heroine in their arms and swing them up. While this is a really good wedding pose, how successfully it is carried out actually depends on the groom’s ability to hold the bride’s weight up for a little while…at least till you get the picture!
You can even snap some candid wedding photographs where you don’t get the clients to pose or anything, but rather just snap the picture in the moment. However, it would be a good idea to ask the couple what they are looking for in their wedding photo shoot. They might have some ideas to share of their own which you must obviously incorporate. The basic idea, however, remains essentially the same in all weddings: the pictures should be a lovely balance between romance and happiness.

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