Wolfram’s Urban Adventures by Martijn Van Oers

As the internet fills up with photo-series about a wide (and increasingly weird) range of subjects (from “three-legged stray dogs in India” to “men marrying their sex-dolls”), I think it’s time we give some more attention to the modern-day knights living among us. I feel they are often completely misunderstood and having a really hard time fitting in.

This is the story of a knight forsaken, misplaced in time and space. Meet Wolfram von Eschenbach, last living descendant of his namesake, the 13th Century knight-poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, who fought alongside count Herman von Thüringen in the third Crusades.

I took it upon myself to document Wolfram’s ongoing struggle to be accepted by society. His wayward reluctance to adapt leaves him feeling unwanted and insecure. Like any modern day knight (also known as Urban Knights) he longs for a life of normality, fitting in and maybe, to find love. Over the next few years, I will attempt to unveil the man behind the armour. To show everyone there ís a place for Urban Knights in our society.








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