As you photograph people, you will come across so many subjects who think that they are not “photogenic” enough. While not everyone is blessed with the Angelina Jolie-esque symmetry, but using some simple photography tips, you can make anyone help put their best foot forward in pictures.

photo of readhead girl with  freckles

Photo by Matheus Bertelli

1: Experiment with things that nobody usually thinks about experimenting with:
While most photographers make their subjects stand at different angles in hopes to get the best angle of their subject, photography angles are not necessarily the only thing you need to experiment with. In fact, did you know that there are so many other things too which you can do to make your subject look better…like experimenting with their hairstyle!

In the photography world, there is a lot more focus on the eyes and jawlines, lips and what not—but hardly anyone thinks about how you can totally revamp your subject’s look just by flipping their hair to the other side. You have to try this one out to believe it. Plus, there are so many ways that you can work the hair that you can almost get a different look in every picture!

2: Posture is super important:
This tip to looking good in pictures involves a plethora of several other things too!
If the posture of your subject is not good, it can ruin the entire photograph even if the hair, makeup, outfit and everything else is on point. You need to pay attention to your subject’s shoulders, placement of their arms, their feet – these things are super important. Depending on whether your subject wants to appear broader or narrower in their photographs, you can achieve both by having them pose accordingly.

When going for a broader look, have them stand squarely to the camera, shoulders facing towards you.

Portrait of beautiful girl

The opposite is to be followed if the subject wants to appear slimmer.
Something which is all the more important while taking body shots of your subjects is their arms and feet. Most of them do not know what to do with them and the photograph ends up coming out what can be best described as “awkward.” Take a photo of your subject with their arms just hanging by their sides and then take one with them posing with one hand placed on their waist. See the difference yourself.

3: Facial Expressions:
Another simple tip to looking good in pictures is to focus on the facial expressions of your subjects. Remember that smiling an ear to ear grin does not guarantee a good picture. While it may suit some, others might look even better with a faint smile or perhaps even a smirk!

A lot of photographers end up paying a lot of attention to just smiles alone, leaving out other important features like eyes. Eyes are a really great feature that you absolutely must incorporate into your photographs. Looking at the camera for too long while your subject tries out different poses to get the best picture may get a little tiring. So a neat trick for this is to have them stand in the way you wish to photograph them, make them hold the pose, close their eyes and just as you’re about to press down on the camera button, have them open them up!

Photo of man in a suit with a mustache

Flawless pictures guaranteed.

Try out these 3 simple tips and click away stunning photographs of your clients! Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments below.