Darkened Introspection by Andrew Paranavitana

This conceptual series is titled Darkened Introspection and is an analysis of the subconscious mind and the negative thought processes within. All elements within the series were photographed by myself and was entirely created and completed by myself also. The project took 6 months from conception to complete, from May – October 2014, however I do not consider it as finished or entirely complete.

Photography is my immediate form of self-expression. I often capture the world and recreate it in a way that has been described as evocative and disturbing at once. Through the use of deep, earthy tones and rich textures, I aim to communicate a sense of dark, emotive mindsets and thought processes. Inspired by the teachings of Carl Jung, psychological symbolism and personal experience, I have created this series as an analysis of our subconscious minds and the negative emotional responses that live – often unchecked – within.

This series is an introspective of our minds, our thoughts and our subsequent unconscious actions.

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