Valerie Millett

I’m a female landscape photographer completely in love with The American Southwest which fortunately happens to be my home. I’m an avid hiker, backpacker and freelance writer as well.

I live to be on the open road discovering a new landscape and I’m often accompanied by my dog, Halo. I love to be thrust into new adventures, new landscapes, unfamiliar roads and quaint coffee shops. I am truly a romantic wanderer fueled by constant curiosity.

My photography is the documentation of a fascination with the natural world. I love to be surrounded by beauty and unique geology. I see meaning and purpose in every journey and I see light, composition and opportunity in every scene. Every trip I take, adventure I set out on, there has aways been a lesson. It’s how I’ve come to view my photography now, as a series of lessons.

As a photographer I’m not content to simply capture a place but more so to convey a mood and an emotion. I’m definitely in pursuit of unique light and atmospherics. Many times on my road trips I can spend days waiting for the right light and not even pull out my camera. The delicate hues of twilight inspire me to wander around in unfamiliar landscapes in the complete dark to simply await the magic. The reward is what keeps me going.







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