Magnum Silentium is an inner story. I’ve travelled through french, swiss and new-zelender mountains and capture some pictures that where great but I couldn’t put them together because it has no sense. For 6 years, I’ve been collecting this images as I was walking in this mountains (many of this images are taken in France in the Pyrénées) and sleeping outside, doing night pictures and sharing adventures with friends or alone.

One day, I realized that I had this work almost made by it self besides my others works like Sylkho. I took it as a sign, this work was a part of me, unconscious speaking maybe. To me, this images are silent. Every time, the silence was here, outer an inner. That what this work is about : The Great Silence, Magnum Silentium. It is also an homage to the mountains all around the world, that great ladies that freaks me out and passionate me at the same time. This work is also dedicated to all the people who shared this with me the time I was not alone.
There are some many ways to talk about a subject in photography and in that case, this is my own personal way to talk about what mountain is to me, what it really is inside of me : a big way through humility and respect. A way to live free and share adventures, a way to find simplicity in all aspect of your life. The less you carry things or thoughts, the more you find yourself. This is mountain in the silence, this is Magnum Silentium. In a way, this work is a self-portrait.

You don’t need to be passionate about the mountains to appreciate this work, but if some people can be touch by it, I’m the happiest man at the top of these! Like my other works like Sylkho or Into the Forest, this work will grow in time and expeditions. Yohan tells ShutYourAperture.









Milky way reflected in a mountain lake. Pyrénées, France

Milky way reflected in a mountain lake. Pyrénées, France




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