In this 5-minute documentary, Ralph Gibson talks about the point of departure

What is the point of departure?

Ralph Gibson explains that having an objective is a great way to intercept great photos. “Walking around looking for something to shoot is a way to not achieve very much.” he also goes into his start in photography and tells a story about being in the darkroom for 4 years before starting to take photos himself. He mentions that to this day he always works on a project with a specific point of departure.

He also talks about the photographer’s relationship to the subject and how it is not really technical things that make strong photos.

Ralf goes into creating a signature look and says that the way to create that is by the photography wanting one very badly. The way we recognize peoples works if because we recognize their way of looking.

The best lesson of all is not listening to the critics. He goes into this topic an why you need to stay away from critics not even give them the time of day to ignore them.

If you have 5 munites, I highly recommend you watch this short documentary. It is inspirational, eye-opening and full of great advice. Take it from a seasoned photographer that has been around and walk into his creative world of incredible photos.

The secret to creating great images The secret to creating great images Ralph Gibson