A Collectible Photographic Fine Art Book Available For a Limited Time

Fine art book. Stretched across five continents, EXPLORE has the power to create your portal for adventure. The fourth book of Henthorne’s epic-exposure imagery is a true collection of his artwork and journeys to date. Endless stories from amazing travels. Inspiration to go and see some of the great intersections of ocean and earth. Open to any page and savor the dramatic, often other-worldly images and the stories behind them.

This incredible black and white Fine Art Photography Book will take you to places you have never been before.

This anticipated book has been in the making for 4 long years and everyone has been asking about it. With no stops and a hunger to capture the world in black and white Henthorne leaves no stones unturned. Henthorne traveled over 100,000 miles and exposed more than 100,000 images to bring you this experience.   This invitation as he puts it. 

The adventure starts in New Zealand, but you can hyperjump to any of the other exotic locations: Iceland, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Coastal Florida and French Polynesia. As you turn the pages you will be taken to a place of zen, a place you will not want to leave. 

Available only through May 10th

“I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the book in the making.  It is truly fantastic, and you should take the opportunity to grab a signed first edition.”

This book is a must for any collector

The Kickstarter Campaign is located at:  EXPLORE – KICKSTART and supporters can back this project by making a pledge and selecting a reward. This fundraising campaign is already getting an overwhelming response from around the world.  A limited number of supporters can opt to have a one of a kind edition with their name printed on it by making a pledge via Kickstarter.

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