Here are some tips and tricks to get you shooting family events like a pro

Even the thought of taking your camera out in family events is overwhelming. You get no time to fix the focus or the exposure and there they are lined up for the photograph. Another bothersome situation is when kids get in your way when you are taking a photo of someone. And then there is the demand from everyone to see their pictures as soon as they are captured. There are also people who would cover their faces every single time you try to click a perfect shot. If you are also planning to cover one of your family events for pay, practice, or just for the sake of fun, here are some tips that will help you capture the best moments from the events and make your pictures look like a storyline instead of a dull series of simple photographs.

How to take family portraits

Choosing the Right Gear
This entirely depends on what kinds of photos you are inclined to capture while you are covering the family event. If you are more drawn towards portraits, choose a 50mm or an 85mm lens. This will bring out the best portraits with sharp and striking images. On the other hand, if you are interested in taking in visual clues in the pictures as well, choosing a wide lens should do the job. Consider taking a 16-35mm zoom lens or a 35mm prime lens to capture wider shots. These lenses will allow you to capture the environment while keeping you from distorting the subjects in your photographs.

Take a Camera Bag with You
It is important to take a camera bag with you, which can carry all your equipment, gear, and lenses. You can easily forget some expensive and important gear here and there when you are capturing a family event as there are so many things to do. With a camera bag on your shoulder, you will be able to keep it all safe in there and will not have to worry about losing anything. Also don’t forget to carry some extra batteries in your camera bag because the battery of the camera runs out very quick in family events, especially because everyone demands to see their pictures in the camera. Also, do not forget to pack extra SD cards. Trust me, you will need plenty of these.

Check the Settings beforehand
Before you go out and start taking pictures, it is best to set the camera to the settings that will work the best according to your environment. While it is going to be just an educated guess, it will save you the time you will need to set the camera when the subjects are ready to be captured. You need to capture the moment as it is happening, and this will only be possible if you have the settings of the camera under control. If you struggle shooting in full manual mode, try shooting in Aperture Priority mode.

Move Around
It is important to move around. Do not just sit in one place and expect everything to happen in front of you. Move around with your camera in hand. Talk to people, engage, smile and make eye contact with them, after all, they are your family. This will also make people more comfortable around you, allowing you to capture the best expressions and the best moments conveniently.

Don’t Forget to Include Yourself in the Photographs
Just because you are capturing the moments from your family gathering does not mean you don’t get to be in the photographs. Don’t forget taking your tripod along and learn how the self-timer does its job. Gather everyone and run to the scene to have yourself included in the picture.

With these simple tips and tricks, you will not only be able to capture some amazing moments from your family gatherings but will also be able to practice your photography skills in different settings and environments, so when your next paid gig comes around, you are ready to go.