What’s new in the Lightroom Classic Update?

In this video, I cover the new Lightroom update 7.4 that just came out for Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom CC. In this new Lightroom update 7.4, Adobe focuses more on workflow than anything else. With this update, your workflow should get a bit more organized and of course a bit faster.

I really like the new features, especially the new stalks option for keeping y our panoramas organized. This was a pain before as you never knew what images were what. Now you can keep all your pano images organized with a simple click of the mouse.

My second favorite new feature is the ability to see your presets on the full screen. I find this very useful especially when doing client work. Sometimes all you need is a Preset to get the job done. This feature is very easy to hide in case you do not want it.

Lightroom Update 7.4

1. Presets previews. Now you can vide your presets simply by hovering over them. This feature can be turned on and off by simply going to your menu preferences and unchecking “enable hover preview of presets in loupe”.

Lightroom Update 7.4

2. Manage your presets and profiles. This is great to hide presets and profiles you do not use. Making your workflow neater and just more efficient. What is in The New in Lightroom Update Classic and CC 7.4

3. Color label your folders. This is a new great way to organize your folders. Simply right-click on any of your folders and choose “add color label” and choose a color.  To remove it do the same thing simply click none. 

4. Search for Labeled Folders only. Simply go to your loupe, right click and check “labeled folders” this will keep your workflow more organized.

5. Staks for panoramics. This is a great feature if you love to shoot panoramas. Simply check the box that says stacks ones you create a panorama, and this will create a stack organizing all your panorama photos. 

6. Finally, on your Lightroom CC and your Lightroom Mobile, all your presets will appear.