Conceptual photography by Procureur Dieter

You probably know how that goes – taking a few snapshots at home, on a trip, at the most appropriate and inappropriate moments. I became interested in composition, color shading and how you could create a particular feeling in a photo. More and more I started to explore not only images but also the technical aspects of my camera.
By posting and publishing family shots, I started to get some small jobs such as photo shoots and corporate photography.

And yet I wanted more, something different… the lack of something artistic in an image, an added value, a specific color, a distinctive feeling, something not always possible and yet completely matching my idea or image. I had the advantage of already being familiar with Photoshop through my work as a graphic designer, which made it possible to create that ‘something special’.
Conceptual photography gave me the freedom to create my own image and to go a bit farther than the ordinary. For me it wasn’t about that one ‘click’, but about the process.

The ideas flashing past often unsettle me. Fantasies come and go, concepts get worked out but sometimes not completed and at the end of the day I end up with a love-hate relationship with what I’ve achieved. At the same time there is the drive to create and the motivation to come to a result. Simplicity and emotion seem to me to be the perfect ingredients for a beautify and distinctive image. The most consistent aspect of my work is that it’s always with people.

I see conceptual photography as a search. A challenge to surpass myself each time all over again with new ideas and different forms – a real growth process, I think, which knows no end. My work rarely has a title or a name, it can’t be captured in a one-liner. The viewer fills in what the image does to him, for me it’s simply my own way and my individuality. Procureur Dieter tells ShutYourAperture.


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