In this video, I give you some pointers on how to shoot wildlife photography. I used a Tamron SP 150-600mm on a Nikon D810 mounted on a MeFOTO Aluminum Globetrotter tripod. Wildlife photography is a lot of fun. You have a chance to be outside in nature and enjoy everything it has to offer. Being out in the wild is one way to get closer to nature. Animals observe you just as much as you observe them. It is very important that you make time and have lots of patience.

The best tip I can give you aside from camera settings and what gear to use is that wildlife photography is all about patience. You must sit there and wait, sometimes for hours.

I can remember one particular day I went out looking for eagles to shoot. I waited 4 hours before seeing one land in a nest. Remember, when you are out in the wild, you can not control what happens out there. With a bit of patience and a bit of luck, you too can get really good photos.

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