In Australia there are a lot of incredible landscapes and they’re all full of intense colors: the red and brown of the Outback, the intense blue of the sky, the emerald of its sea, the yellow and the orange of the fishes and of the coral reef, the green of its vegetation so thick and still very wild, the black of the sky of the nights in the desert, literally carpeted with millions of stars that fill the sky .

All these colors always accompany any traveler, everywhere he decides to go in Australia. But the charm of this land is also due to its contrasts, its differences between highly urbanized areas and border areas and that is to give more importance to these contrasts that I made this project of 9 images in black and white; 9 Australian landscapes; 9 ways to tell the beauty of this wild land full of charm and adventure, also without its wonderful and amazing colors.

The choice of images was not random. Eight natural landscapes and one metropolitan to describe the big difference between its huge surface (more than 7.6 million km2) and the low number of inhabitants (just over 21.5 million), to tell how the man, although he created several cities and towns, has no chance of winning the challenge against nature that, at least in this corner of the world, dominates the 90% of the territory. The population density is less than 3 people per km2.