It’s not necessary we will always end up with great in camera shot sometimes even spending hrs. at some place you will end up with images which is nowhere near what you have thought of & this was a similar image for me. But when I started editing I ended up with the image you see now. 

 – Raw image imported in lightroom, used basic sliders such as Lens Correction, contrast, clarity, exposure as per preferences & other basic adjustments. 

– Once basic adjustments are done played with Luminance, Hue, Saturation as per preferences.

– With a right click opened the image in Photoshop directly from Lightroom & played with Levels & Curves.
– Mirrored the image horizontally & vertically & carefully masked the areas not needed.
– Played with selected color to get the cool blue look.
– Played with warm color to enhance the road (masked out the rest of the area)
– Added Bokeh to provide Tilt & Shift effect.
– Played with Dodge & Burn so I can get the proper light where i want.
– Opened in Nik color efex to add contrast.

– Save & close the image automatically gets updated in Lightroom as tiff or psd format.
– In lightroom to add vignette so the focus goes to center.

– Exported with desired size for web & for gallery.

Hope you guys enjoyed this small tutorial