2015 – in progress
Multiple exposures, two cities unite within one negative

The series lines blurring originates in our concepts of truth and reality. When asking for the truth the photographic equipment might not be of central importance, yet it is in this work – as the final picture is created in the camera alone.

In these multiple exposures several representations of reality are banned on film – one above the other; even though the exposures took place in different countries. Miles apart but united within a small negative. Against all boundaries. Do the photographs still show the reality?

Short Bio To me, photography is a dance between dream and reality. Photographs offer us a way into unfamiliar dream worlds, they give room for sensation. They enable us to tie in with our childhood, the realm of fantasy and magic, the land of unlimited opportunities, the unreal reality. Playfully and easily. These photographs may delude us, but they also enrich us. They give new room to our thoughts and feelings, let us float weightlessly through fairytale worlds. In my artistic work I keep looking for this unique spell, these faraway realities.