Hi, I’m a french photographer from Roquebrune Cap Martin, i find a passion for the water photography, a real love to capture all the different textures of the water she can make with the help of movement, wind and light. My daily routine is woke up early in the morning, check the weather and go shoot at morning or evening according to the weather. Sometimes friends go surf and I’m going with to shoot them in the water, this is a very great experience to go in the waves with a DSLR ! the first time it’s very scary but you forget that fear in 5 mins when you see the results of shooting on the LCD screen !

Camera and settings: For the most of time a shoot at F/4-5.6 and try to not go down to 1/125 speed to freeze the movement of water, Iso 100-400, i shoot with a Canon 700d and a Tamron 17-50 F/2.8, when i shoot in the water i put the camera in a Dicapac Housing.