Presented is a series from a recent photographic trip I made to Scotland. Leaving behind the beauty of the Emerald Isle, I made the short journey across the pond to a landscape I had not yet had the full pleasure of appreciating. Scotland is a place that welcomes you with deep warmth and it is often love at first sight, with magical castles, dramatic light and monstrous Munros. The images shown were captured in the magnificent Glencoe area of Argyll and Bute on an 8-day trip.
The image set is intended to provoke the viewer into appreciating that which is close to them; this may be in the form of family, friends or Mother Nature herself. As I explored Scotland I found a new love and appreciation for this close neighbour of mine. A moment of submersion, escaping from the day-to-day ‘rat race’, in what we love is important – sit on a mountaintop, enjoy a sunset, stand in the rain.