I am a Cape Town based photographer, the images attached are part of my fourth year photographic thesis work. My inspiration started off with imagery based on Culture customs. Strange yet interesting ways in which tribes practised. The further i researched, the more interesting the work became and the more i learnt.

Below is my Artist Statement:
Humanity will always be connected in many ways adopting many tribal belief systems and attire. The standard of multiculturalism has long been accepted as the preferred avenue for the world’s future. After all, the Earth is covered with multitudes of different customs and races, religions and philosophies. The term has been used to describe an increase in the mixing of cultural, racial, and ethnic identities. Therefore this series will be a representation of this , a mixture of many belief systems or appearances on one individual person.

As with all philosophies and their practical out working there are positive and negative aspects to multiculturalism. We live in a multicultural society which is ever-changing and presenting new opportunities to enjoy the wealth of experience human diversity brings. Alongside that we also live with fears about difference and how we might be changed, or lose what is precious about our own identity. Multiculturalism has been used as a way of creating segregation: keeping people different so that one can stay the same. However it can be used as a way of helping one enjoy what others offer and share their own history, tradition and culture (Steve Miller 2012).

This study hopes to create an awareness of cultural identity, and create a modernised, possibility of how cultures and tribes may appear in the future, whether it’s adopting many belief systems, attire or ways of life.  This study is merely a possibility, a creative interpretation of what the future may hold through globalization on a cultural sphere.