This weeks inspiration comes from Photographer of the week Laura Cope.

Brazilian Fine Art photographer, Laura Cope is a true inspiration to artists across the globe. After 8 years of studying to become a doctor, and on the verge of graduating from her residency, Laura decided to resign and pursue her passion for Fine Art Photography full time. Although her decision came at great potential sacrifice, it echoed what she knew all along – that she was born to be an artist.

Laura’s vision is to inspire spiritual awakening through her photographic perspective. As an avid student of the Zen philosophy, Laura’s creative mission is about inspiring her fans to see the world through enlightened eyes, to be open to nature’s sacred wisdom and to connect with one’s infinite source of truth and beauty. Laura’s work is also a brilliant and profound paradox. It excites us with deep intensity, passion and sensuality, while at the same time, taking us on an inspiring journey of serenity, awe and inner peace.

Laura’s art pieces are known for their impeccability and elegance. In only 6 months after her leap of faith into the art world, Laura’s work has caught the eyes of high profile art collectors and investors. Her private collector base includes prestigious collectors, such as real estate developer and billionaire, Richard Tan and Hollywood actress Sofia Milos, star of the Sopranos and CSI: Miami.

Laura has created her own sophisticated developing technique, which she calls “gold” black and white. The delicate touches of golden highlights give Laura’s art its fineness and uniqueness, making it possible to instantly recognize a “Laura Cope” photograph.

See more of her work on her Website or drop in and say hello on her Facebook.


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