Last summer I’ve spent five weeks in Morocco as a part of a voluntary project. The main goal was to address the cultural stereotypes of the Arab people and counter the rise of xenophobia and racism by taking a group of students armed with cosmopolitan ideas and cameras on a trip across the country. This experience had a significant impact on the way I see the world and approach people.

Suddenly, I was thrown into this completely unknown, yet indubitably beautiful realm of the Maghrib.   The first thing that struck me the most was the atmosphere of the medina (old part of the city surrounded by a fortified wall). The feeling you get when you step inside is exceptional: the tiny shops huddled next to each other are full of delicate fabrics; the unique bouquet of herbs and spices tickles your nostrils; sometimes you could be unexpectedly pushed to the side to make way for a tired mule loaded with mountains of ripe and juicy melons; the hum of hundreds of voices speaking various languages is somewhat overwhelming yet uniquely welcoming. And the colours are vibrant and flamboyant, forming various patterns and surrounding you in a hypnotising dance.

Everything IS colour: the streets, the buildings, the shops, the spices, even the people are dressed in various shades of green, blue, orange, yellow – as far as the eye can see. Even on a peaceful evening on the ocean shore, in the midst of a serene forest, or under the blazing sun in the middle of the desert – in Morocco colour follows you wherever you go.

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