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  • Lucyan Souza says:

    And this is very true. I did a photography course some 3 months ago and trying to apply all (or almost all) i’ve learned.
    Almost because i’m still don’t have some basic gear like lens and tripod…

    • Edin Chavez says:

      Keep on shooting only time, practice and patience will make you a pro. Its not about the gear its about how you use it and how often you use it :)

      • Lucyan+Souza says:

        Yeah, i know. I said about gear because i have the usual problems like trembling and a 18-55mm lens from my Canon T3 is basic and i can some good shots but i need another lenses to vary my photos. But to do that, i need patience, like you said =)

  • Prashant says:

    The quiz is good, but its not 100% photography skills Quiz, you have added photography general knowledge questions. like who took first selfie, or when was the first photograph taken, it has nothing to do with the photography skills. if you dont know answers to these kind of questions, your score will be lower.

  • Deanna says:

    How funny! It’s just what I thought. I used to shoot with a SLR in the 80’s. Learning to really shoot well is hard work. Where do I begin? I took the basics class, but I really need a beginners class to go into more about depth of field, etc.

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